Natural Therapy at our clinic has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, meridians are pathways which connect acupuncture points. These meridians carry energy or Qi, and can become blocked by injuries or scars. The results may be a disruption in the communication between our cells and even our organs.

Throughout our life we are exposed to different stresses. In the 21st century, electromagnetic radiation from Wifi, mobile phones, phone towers, computers, as well as chemicals, pesticides and environmental pollutants can upset our body’s fine balance.

We may also be exposed to bacteria and moulds which challenge our immune system, weakening our body's defences.

Emotional stress can often be the trigger that tips our balance. At this point, our body's balance is upset. We use natural therapies at our clinic to rebalance you, so your body can work optimally again.

If you are looking for an alternative to acupuncture, Bioresonance is a painless and relaxing natural therapy which also addresses meridian pathways.


Renewed Health Clinic ~ TREATMENT GOALS

My approach as a highly experienced Bioresonance Therapist approach is to look at the underlying causes that upset our body. I take into the account the symptoms that my client presents with and look at the many possible root causes. My aim is to to address the underlying issues so that your body can recover and start healing itself.

Our natural therapies involves:

  • Clearing blockages in the body to enable flow of energy
  • Supporting emotional well being
  • Balancing chakras in the body
  • Improving gut health
  • Supporting the body's immune system
  • Supporting the organs and meridians in the body
  • Reducing stresses from our environment and food sensitivities
  • Enabling renewed health by boosting the body’s innate healing ability
  • Recommendations for the best foods for your body and lifestyle

My extensive experience as a Bioresonance practitioner, nutritional counselling and  holistic health therapy will support you as you renew your health and well-being.

This energetic medicine therapy helps to restore the communication between the cells thereby allowing the body to work more efficiently and heal itself.

Babies, Children and adults benefit from this natural health therapy which is customised to each individual, as each person is unique.

Kind words from my client:

"Emmeline is an amazing individual and Bio resonance therapist– passionate and super intelligent. She knows exactly what she is doing and gets results. An appointment with Emmeline is an investment into your well-being."

If you are wondering if this is natural therapy is for you, email, text or call me to discuss your health concerns on 0419 817 919.

Frequently Asked Questions

My background is in Dentistry. I worked as a dentist for 12 years and my extensive Science based background and clinical practice gives me a unique perspective in my holistic work in the last 7 years as a certified Bioresonance practitioner and holistic health coach. My interests in understanding the human body and mind have also led me to study Clinical Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Reiki, Sound Therapy  with Crystal Singing Bowls.