"I feel like I have been given back my life. I will be forever grateful to Emmeline."

Sophie, SA
Machelle, South Australia

"Emmeline has helped me immensely in such a short space of time. I had been feeling exhausted and weak for years.
I have tried all sorts of supplements and therapies.

In two sessions with Emmeline, Bioresonance therapist, the turnaround in my health had been nothing short of a miracle.
I thoroughly recommend her."

"My baby's skin was very inflamed. Emmeline helped with his food sensitivities and the improvement in his skin has been remarkable. So happy to have found Emmeline."
Melanie, South Australia

"Very grateful to have found Emmeline, she has certainly changed my life. I had returned from Bali, became very unwell and fatigued. I was unable to work and exercise at the gym. I was unable to get better no matter what I tried. I was then recommended to see Emmeline.

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical at first but Emmeline’s holistic therapy made me feel better the first session I saw her, within a few days, my energy levels returned! Many other symptoms went away , my dry, flaky skin which I had been struggling with since a child has never come back, and my cold sores are no more a current occurrence. I’ve never been happier or healthier. Knowing I have Emmeline now in my life to help me heal and move forward, I’m forever grateful."

Amelia, South Australia

"I am so thankful for the treatment Emmeline has given me. Prior to Emmeline’s sessions I was suffering from severe coldsores and was in constant pain. My lips were badly swollen and feeling like they were constantly burning. The burning sensation would increase when I was near wifi or using a mobile or a computer along with house hold appliances like a microwave or kettle. TV and lights would also increase the burning pain in my lips.

Through Emmeline’s holistic therapy my pain has been reduced significantly. Not only has Emmeline been able to treat me for those things that I could identify but she has been also able to use her extensive knowledge to further pin point other things that have been contributing factors to my poor health with the main ones being polyester, wool and certain food allergies. Emmeline natural therapy has enabled my health to significantly improve. I feel like I have been given back my life. I will be forever grateful to Emmeline."

Sophie, South Australia

"I have visited many different health professionals from various healing modalities but since I met Emmeline, she is so amazing I don’t believe I could ever find another practitioner as good as her. Her knowledge, understanding and intuition when dealing with the human body is outstanding. She is very switched on and always gives 100% to her clients.

She is always professional and her bedside manner is fabulous. It is always an uplifting and nurturing experience and I always look forward to my appointments. She has absolutely been a blessing for me and I will happily recommend her to anyone."

Mike, South Australia

"I have had very dry skin throughout my face and body since I was a child. In particular, on the creases of my elbows. The left photo was taken before seeing Emmeline and the right photo was taken after several sessions. This is such a big improvement in my skin.

I highly recommend people who are frustrated and concerned that something is not right with their body to see Emmeline."

Ella, Adelaide

"I was feeling extremely tired and had developed a rash on my neck, chest and arms. My brother in law suggested that I make an appointment to see Emmeline Khor. Honestly, I had no idea what I was in for. What an incredible result! She knew exactly how to help me.

Emmeline is an amazing individual and Bio resonance therapist– passionate and super intelligent. She knows exactly what she is doing and gets results. An appointment with Emmeline is an investment into your wellbeing."

Jenny, South Australia

"I was looking for a natural approach to heal my gut issues which I have had for the last 4 years. My symptoms included loose bowels and having to run to the toilet 6 times a day. With almost every meal, I had stomach cramps and heartburn as soon as I had something to eat. I could not tolerate diary, eggs, pork, almond milk and even vegetables. I would frequently vomit after eating. I flew from Port Lincoln to see Emmeline for an appointment. I noticed within the first appointment I was starting to feel a little better.

After a few sessions, I noticed my bowel movements were getting more regular. I have had 6 sessions with Emmeline, bioresonance practitioner and healing my gut is my priority. I now go to the toilet once a day instead of 6 times. Thanks to Emmeline, I no longer get heartburn and vomiting. I can eat the foods now which I had trouble with previously with no uncomfortable symptoms. I feel my stress levels have also reduced and I feel calmer. Most importantly, I feel so much better in myself. I will keep up with the treatments regularly as I feel it has helped heal my gut, and improved my overall health. Without Emmeline’s help, this would not have happened."

Julie, Port Lincoln, South Australia
"My skin has improved so much since seeing Emmeline for allergies. I had dry, itchy skin on my hand and eyelids which had persisted for several months. Since seeing Emmeline over 3 sessions, my eyelids and hands are no longer dry, red or itchy. I am really happy with the result and would thoroughly recommend Emmeline."
Anne, South Australia

"I am a 57 year old male, who always considered myself to be in good health, and regular blood tests with my GP supported that. About 8 months ago, I started feeling uncomfortable when I ate certain foods. These were just the normal foods that I have always eaten, bread, milk, salami, cheese and corn flakes. My sister in law, suggested that I should see Emmeline at Renewed Health Clinic.

I had a one hour session with Emmeline consulting. I was prescribed some herbal drops, and was told that I would feel tired that night. The next morning I woke up feeling great, had my herbal drops and went to work. Lunch time came and I was a little worried, as I was feeling great, but I needed to eat and I knew I would be in pain again. I had lunch….. Guess what? Nothing happened, no pain, no uneasiness nothing. I was so happy I rang my wife to tell her.

This noticeable improvement was really encouraging and I saw Emmeline 2 weeks later. The worst I had was a slight uneasiness in my stomach. I was looking forward to my next appointment. I have been seeing Emmeline now for about 3 months. She has found a couple other issues that I have been living with ,and all I can say is that I am feeling great and can eat what I want, without going crazy."

Anthony, South Australia

"I found Emmeline through a dear friend of mine and I am so grateful that she passed on this knowledge. Working with the beautiful Emmeline has been life changing for me! I have had Thyroid issues for over a year. I wanted to learn more on how to best support my body to help minimise and manage the symptoms as much as possible. I’d suffer with flare ups of joint and muscular pain. These would flare up under stress, when I became sick, and would strike every month around my cycle. It would begin as dull ache and eventuate into a sharp consistent pain in parts of my body, needing to take consistent pain relief throughout the day to take the edge off so I could just rest.

My pain was around a 9/10 and working with Emmeline we got it down to a 2/10 with the flares becoming less frequent and for a shorter time span. My specialist check ups were previously 3 monthly. In conjunction with working with my specialist and Emmeline my levels are now stable on medication. My specialist feels I only need 6 monthly check ups now with my GP. This treatment is one of the best investments I’ve made for my health. Emmeline has a beautiful nature, with immense knowledge and wisdom. Cannot recommend her enough!."

Kayla, South Australia

"I went to see Emmeline for hayfever and nasal congestion. I had been suffering from this for approximately 3 years. I had taken to using a nasal spray twice a day. After approximately 4 treatments with Emmeline, all symptoms and nasal congestion disappeared and I no longer needed to use any sprays. I am really happy to say that 4 months later I am still hayfever free.

I would also like to say that for me the therapy is only as good as the therapist, and in Emmeline I have found the icing on the cake of therapists. She has a wonderful mix of “knowing the science” and a beautiful and natural intuition. She’s also a really good detective when it comes to what’s going on in the body and mind of a person, and she strives to get results. If you want to get well then Emmeline is a wonderful therapist to help you on the road to health."

Lucy, Australia
"The skin on my hand was very dry and painful. Water would sting it, and I was in discomfort for 12 months. I saw Emmeline, and within a few treatments, my skin has improved greatly. I am so grateful to have found Emmeline and her holistic therapy."
Isabelle, South Australia

"My 9 year old daughter had an extremely sensitive head which made brushing her hair each morning a very painful experience. Through Emmeline’s holistic therapy her pain has reduced significantly making mornings much calm and enjoyable for the whole family . My daughter also constantly struggled with sore knees making it hard for her to take part in sport which she loves.

Through only a few sessions with Emmeline the pain in my daughters knees has completely disappeared and she can now run and jump until her heart's content. I also noticed that after treatments with Emmeline, my daughter was noticeably calmer, happier and more helpful around the house. A mother’s dream. Thank you Emmeline, you are an Earth Angel."

Rachel, South Australia

"I have suffered from all-year round hay-fever for a very long time, and it gets debilitating for me during Spring. I initially went to see Emmeline at Renewed Health Clinic to work on my hay-fever as I didn’t want to use nasal spray all year round anymore. After a few sessions with her I found that my hay-fever symptoms reduced significantly and I didn’t need to use my nasal spray as often.

Emmeline was also able to help me with other health issues. I had a severe head pain once a month and a recurring knee pain that has troubled me for a long time. I had tried many other solutions such as Glucosamine and various creams without success. Now I am able to exercise without feeling pain in both my knees and my head pains have subsided. I just have head pains now and then, but mild enough that I don’t need to take painkillers. Emmeline also picked up I had many food sensitivities and has helped me to eliminate them. So now I don’t get bloating and don’t feel tired all the time. I am very grateful to Emmeline for sorting out a host of health issues that have been troubling me for a very long time and can recommend her highly to anyone who wants to address similar health issues."

Gabrielle, South Australia

"I have seen Emmeline for 6 visits now, and would like to express how pleased I am with her professionalism, knowledge and thoroughness in her treatment and as a result, my amazement in the change of my mental and physical well-being.

After my first treatment, I certainly felt somewhat calmer. However, by the time I had my third treatment, I felt this incredibly positive change and have been feeling completely centred and calm since then.

I can’t thank you enough Emmeline for giving me back quality of life."

Sophia, Adelaide, SA

"I brought my 6 year old son to see Emmeline in Oct 2018. He had very inflammed, dry and itchy skin since 6 months of age. In particular near his right ear, left finger, right leg and right wrist.

After 2 sessions, there was an improvement. The skin was much less inflammed, less itchy and red. His skin appeared to be healing. By the 3rd session, there was barely any itching. By the 4th, there wasn't any inflammation and the skin had healed. Only some pigmentation remains on the leg but it is clearing.

He isn't itchy anymore so he sleeps so much better. He gets to sleep so much quicker and does not wake in the middle of the night anymore. He wakes up refreshed! This is a wonderful improvement in the quality of his life and our lives as a family.

I can highly recommend Emmeline, Bioresonance practitioner for help with food sensitivities and improved well-being."

Mary, South Australia

"My 7 year old daughter had what I thought to be a skin tag on her left eye ever since she was a young baby, however, in the last few years, we noticed it changing in shape and colour and looking more unsightly. She was becoming self conscious about it so I decided to ask the GP to take a look at it who referred me to a dermatologist. She was reluctant to do anything about it given the close proximity to the eye as well as her young age.

I took my daughter to see Emmeline. Following the treatment I was astounded to see it start to decrease significantly in size within a week. At her next appointment 2 weeks later, it was remarkably smaller and Emmeline treated her. Within another 2 weeks, it was almost gone. Emmeline's holistic therapy has helped me and my children in many ways over the years.

This was the stand out and most visually obvious treatment to date. Emmeline is very switched on about the body and is always eager to find solutions to any health issue I ask her about. I am very grateful for the fact that I have access to this wonderful natural therapy."

Ava, South Australia

"For three years, I have had an English mastiff dog.

Whenever I patted her or got too close, my skin would start itching where I touched her and my nose would start running. This restricted me from being with her more often as I would always feel as though I had allergies.

In addition, when she licked me, I would get a really itchy rash and welts on my skin.

After three sessions with Emmeline, Bioresonance therapist, I no longer notice any allergic reactions to my dog, and I can play as much ball with her as I like."

Charlotte, Burnside, SA

"So happy with my progress since having treatment with Emmeline. My hands no longer feel dry and cracked.
I can’t thank Emmeline enough for how much she has helped me I feel like a new person!"

Jessica, Adelaide

"I took my 6 year old daughter to see Emmeline , Bioresonance Therapist as she had very bad cracked and blistered skin on her hands for about 6 months from using the monkey bars at schools.

After only 1 session, her hands improved a lot now after a couple of sessions her hands feel baby soft again and she is still using the monkey bars but not getting blisters anymore.

Thank you so much Emmeline for being such a wonderful caring person!"

Jessica, Adelaide SA

"My 7 year old son had been diagnosed with a severe speech delay. After only 1 session with Emmeline, Bioresonance therapist, my son’s speech had significantly improved. I noticed that he was able to blend sounds that he previously had difficulty in producing. After only a few sessions with Emmeline over the Christmas holidays, his new teacher for the year hadn’t realised that my son was even on a speech program. She informed me that she hadn’t had any difficulty in understanding my child. This brought tears to my eyes. My son’s speech therapist was also amazed with his speedy progress.

Emmeline has changed my child’s whole world. My son can now eagerly share his thoughts at school knowing that his classmates and teachers will understand him. Thank you so much Emmeline for opening my child’s world up."

Tara, South Australia

"Emmeline is always going out of her way to help her clients in the most Holistic way possible.
She has transformed my health in so many ways which I am so grateful for and highly recommend others to give this a try.""

NANCY, Adelaide, SA

"“ I was having problems with Reflux and Emmeline established what foods and wines were contributing to the problem.

After a few treatment sessions I was able to return to eating the food and drinking the wine  I enjoyed  without reflux problems”

ROB, Adelaide, SA

"Emmeline is a holistic practitioner that I am grateful to. She has listened to myself and my body, since the very first meeting! I am generally healthy but had the usual concerns of occasional gut issues and feeling "out of whack" which normally comes with stress. I wanted a natural non-invasive way I could invest in myself on a regular basis. A way I could re-set and balance my body and hopefully resolve some issues!

Emmeline listened to all the "little" things such as, passing comments I made my nose being blocked & clearing my throat a lot. She asked specific questions relating to my concerns and recommended me to avoid some foods after treatment and also was able to provide me with herbal supplements to take in between appointments.
Today I can say that for the first time in about 6 years, I am able to breathe easily though my nose! Not only that, but my bloating has absolutely gone, for 3 weeks now!
Taking on board the small recommendations have been 
extremely effective partnered with Emmeline's skills as a Bioresonance practitioner. Emmeline's knowledge and holistic approach means that she is well trusted and that her clients receive treatment tailored to their needs."



"I have been suffering from Chronic Seasonal allergies for over 20 years. During the Spring -Summer months I usually need to use a low dose steroid nasal spray daily to prevent and control the distressing symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and tiredness.

I saw Emmeline, a Bioresonance therapist at Renewed Health Clinic as I was looking for other alternative ways to manage my symptoms without medication. After 3 to 4 sessions, there was significant improvement in all of my symptoms. Best of all, I no longer needed to use the nasal spray at all! I am ever so appreciative to Emmeline as some days I felt terribly uncomfortable. This was extremely debilitating affecting both my work and home life. I would thoroughly recommend her therapy for reduction of allergies."

Thomas, Grange SA

"I’ve struggled with my health for the past few years now. As a young adult in his prime it’s been difficult to not have any relief from constant issues arising. Emmeline is the first health professional that I have experienced that has a deep understanding and compassion for my struggle; Emmeline wasn’t the first health professional I have gone to but she will 100% be my last as I wouldn’t ever go to anyone else after experiencing her wealth of knowledge and understanding with life changing results."

Con , Adelaide, SA

"I was in immense pain on a daily basis and had been for two years. My Kinesiologist referred me to Emmeline at Renewed Health Clinic. I was tired and willing to give anything a go. I have been on a journey of natural health since that day and have not looked back. I receive support from a Naturopath, a Kinesiologist, a Remedial Massage therapist and Emmeline at Renewed Health Clinic.

Since starting therapy with Emmeline for food sensitivities, my pain has completely disappeared. It happened within 2-3 sessions and I was in total disbelief. I have continued seeing Emmeline regularly due to the incredible outcomes for my overall health and can’t thank her enough for giving me back my health, my happiness and my life. Thank you Emmeline."


"I had tried many different alternative methods prior to seeing Emmeline, to assist me with multiple health issues I was experiencing. Many of these were related to food sensitivities. I have been having regular treatments with Emmeline, in this time, I have noticed a great deal of difference. I have a long list of different health issues. Emmeline has managed to help with my bloating, helped alleviate my period pain, my stress levels and my allergies. My hair looks and feels so much thicker and healthier, that even my hairdresser has noticed a big difference with the texture and how good it looks, and it seems to be growing! I haven’t been able to grow my hair for a very long time!

From when I started my treatment with Emmeline to where I am now, I can say I feel so much better! The changes are subtle, however my energy levels have improved, I know this because those little tasks I would have to do, which for me required so much effort, I can now do them with a little more ease, I don’t get dizzy when I’m vacuuming/cleaning the house or when I have to rush around to get from place to place. If you suffer from any of the health issues I have listed above, book in for a session with Emmeline. She knows what she needs to look for to help you. Her energy is lovely to be around and she is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work."

Anna, Kensington Gardens, SA

"Emmeline has changed my life. I had extreme hay fever and chemical allergies, ranging from itchy watery eyes, itchy mouth and palate for 4-5 years. I had to take antihistamines daily. Even after 1 session I noticed an improvement.

Now 1 year on, I still feel really good and am able to go outside without feeling tired, itchy and uncomfortable. Bioresonance has dramatically improved my life"