"Emmeline is an amazing Bioresonance therapist – She knows exactly what she is doing and gets results. An appointment with Emmeline is an investment into your well-being."

Jenny, South Australia

My Personal Journey to Wellness

Hello, I am Emmeline, the founder of Renewed Health Clinic.

I am a Bioresonance Practitioner with a natural therapy approach based on energy healing, Holistic Health, Nutritional counselling and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

My background is in Dentistry, I studied at the University of Adelaide. I established my own successful dental clinic which flourished and grew over 12 years. I principled an excellent and caring dental practice with the focus on providing holistic dental treatment.

I wanted to concentrate on raising a family, and for the next few years, I focussed on the joys of parenthood.

This came with a few health challenges for my children and myself.  I also felt after having my 2 children, my health was at a all time low. I was always tired, had difficulty sleeping, frequently getting coughs and colds and worst of all, my gut did not feel right. I had continual brain fog and poor memory.

My children had skin issues, food sensitivities. and tummy aches.  All these long standing issues led me to this holistic therapy. I found my kids and myself getting better with this alternative health therapy.

This holistic therapy gave my family life changing results. My passion to help others led me study Bio Resonance therapy in Queensland. I established Renewed Health Clinic in Norwood with the focus on natural health and nutritional counselling as a Bioresonance practitioner.

Using this holistic treatment method that is practised at my clinic, my family's health and my health has improved and I am feeling the best I have felt in years. I will guide you through your path to wellness and optimum health.


Certificate of Bioresonance Therapy (BRT)

Certificate in Advanced Bioresonance Therapy (BRT)

Bachelor Dental Surgery (Adel) BDS