"My passion is to renew your health, hope and happiness."

Emmeline Khor

Welcome to Renewed Health Clinic

My passion is to renew your health, hope and happiness.

My name is Emmeline Khor and my work is aimed at restoring your body to its optimal health. My specialty is in my work as a Bioresonance therapist, using energetic frequencies to help realign and rebalance the body.

Our bodies can become unbalanced from emotional stress particularly if there are underlying health issues. In my work as a Bioresonance practitioner, I help the body off-load these stresses so the body can work optimally again, achieving long term wellness.

Supporting this energy healing therapy with nutritional counselling and guidance in meditations, I have seen many heal when they nourish their body, mind and spirit.

As the founder of Renewed Health Clinic, it gives me great joy to have helped hundreds of clients heal with life changing results in the last 7 years.

My clients often tell me:


"I feel lighter & calmer"

"My pain has reduced significantly"

"My tummy pains and bloating have reduced"

"My food sensitivities have dramatically improved"

"I have more clarity and I cope better with stress"

"I feel more energetic and less tired"

"I feel like me again"

"I feel happier"

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"Emmeline 's treatments have enabled my health to significantly improve. I feel like I have been given back my life. I will be forever grateful to Emmeline."
Sophie, SA


The incredible power of meditations have always moved me, so I wanted to create my own meditations for myself, my family, friends and clients. Here, I have played and composed the music especially for my meditation, Healing for Thyroid & Adrenal glands.
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