Underlying Causes

Understanding some causes of Health Disorders

We live in a world where our lives are busy and fast-paced. Our lives are made easier by a wide range of technical appliances, incredibly fast means transport and communication, numerous chemical substances and fast processed foods. As much as we enjoy all this, more of us are paying a considerable price for it.

When it all gets too much

Imagine your body as an empty barrel at birth. Then with each contact with everything in the environment, a little bit is added to the barrel each time. The regulatory mechanisms in your body can usually prevent the barrel from overflowing by processing and eliminating the stresses. However in some people, the barrel overflows resulting in symptoms such as allergies, pain and stress.

Our bodies as a general rule, have remarkable self-healing ability. The body possesses a phenomenal regulation system which can help restore balance and regulate our state of health.

However, constant, numerous or long lasting stresses can put a huge strain on the body’s ability to heal itself. Our organs and body systems work hard to get rid of the stressors but sometimes it becomes too much.

If the body experiences too many chronic stresses over a prolonged period, this can impede or even block the body’s regulatory ability as well as its self-healing abilities.

The body desperately tries to eliminate disturbing influences but sometimes it just gets overwhelmed.

This process can be sudden or may take many years to present itself. It may begin with seemingly random symptoms like tiredness, muscle stiffness, mild headaches or itchy skin or maybe just feeling “a bit out of sorts”.


What are the contributing factors?

Once the stresses are eliminated, the body’s ability to self-regulate and self heal is restored, bringing back balance to your body’s systems.

Our cells can then do their work unhindered.

Once the stress is off, the cells can restore the body’s balance.