My 12 year old son 2 years ago was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

After each flare up he would always get hospitalised and was taking very strong medication.
Due to the medication causing side affects, the medication was changed.
Although neither of these medications were helping my son at all.

Since we went to a Bioresonance Practitioner, Emmeline Khor his diarrhoea and bleeding has stopped. We will most definitely be seeing Emmeline to do treatment further due to its significant help.

Natalia , Adelaide, SA

After a family holiday in Bali, I suffered from various gut symptoms.

I had diarrhoea and nausea which worsened after having diary foods. Although I was very careful with what I ate or drank, I must have picked up some tummy bugs. I was bloated, feeling tired and had tummy cramps for several weeks. At my first visit with Emmeline, she was able to identify the cause of my gut problems and treat it with her Bioresonance machine.

After the first treatment, the cramping , nausea and diarrhoea had improved dramatically. I was very surprised to notice such a large improvement. After the 2nd session, my energy levels had returned and I felt so much better.

I highly recommend Emmeline and her treatment. It has really helped me with my gut issues and overall well -being.

Jane, Norwood, SA

I have been having Bioresonance treatment with Emmeline for 6 visits now, and would like to express how pleased I am with her professionalism, knowledge and thoroughness in her treatment, clearing blockages, the effects of spider bites, chemical and electro-magnetic exposure, and as a result, my amazement in the change of my mental and physical wellbeing.

Having experienced various traumas during my life, I had been living with anxiety for a long while. After my first treatment, I certainly felt somewhat calmer.

However, by the time I had my third treatment, I felt this incredibly positive change and have been feeling completely centred and calm since then.

Bioresonance treatment has also helped with joint pain and discomfort, and general wellbeing. Emmeline is also working with certain allergies and food intolerances. I can’t thank you enough Emmeline for giving me back quality of life

Sophie, Adelaide, SA

I was suffering from intense pain in the lower abdominal area for 2 weeks, in the area of the groin on both sides which was waking me up at night. Ultrasound tests showed that my renal function was fine and my doctor was unable to determine the cause of my pain.

I came to see Emmeline for Bicom / Bioresonance treatment. She was able to work out the cause of my pain and resolve it with her treatment. A few days after the treatment the pain had completely disappeared and I am happy to say I have not experienced it since.

Emmeline has helped me and my son with a number of health issues, including resolving food intolerances, salicylates, hormonal balance and hot flushes, heavy metals, chemical sensitivities, fatigue, bloating, insect bites and allergic reactions. I highly recommend seeing Emmeline if you have any health concerns

Susan , Torrens Park, SA

I started Bioresonnance treatment in February 2018. I had tried many different alternative methods prior to seeing Emmeline, to assist me with multiple health issues I was experiencing:

  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Dizziness
  • Ear pressure
  • Scalp Psoriasis
  • Lack of energy
  • Bloating
  • Bad period pain
  • Brittle, dry hair
  • Bladder Infections
  • Candida
  • Anxiety
  • TMJ

It has been 7 months that I have been having regular treatments with Emmeline, in this time, I have noticed a great deal of difference. The changes are subtle, however, I do have a long list of different health issues. Emmeline has managed to help with my bloating, my period pain – through her hormonal treatment, this has helped alleviate the pain, my Candida (white coating on tongue is so much better), my anxiety, my Scalp Psoriasis. Emmeline did a treatment for my hair, my hair looks and feels so much thicker and healthier, that even my hairdresser has noticed a big difference with the texture and how good it looks, and it seems to be growing! I haven’t been able to grow my hair for a very long time!

From when I started my treatment with Emmeline to where I am now, I can say I feel so much better! The changes are subtle, however my energy levels have improved, I know this because those little tasks I would have to do, which for me required so much effort, I can now do them with a little more ease, I don’t get dizzy when I’m vacuuming/cleaning the house or when I have to rush around to get from place to place.

If you suffer from any of the health issues I have listed above, book in for a Bioresonnance treatment. Emmeline knows what she needs to look for to help you, her energy is lovely to be around and she is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work

Anna, Kensington Gardens, SA

I’ve struggled with my health for the past few years now. As a young adult in his prime it’s been difficult to not have any relief from constant issues arising. Emmeline is the first health professional that I have experienced that has a deep understanding and compassion for my struggle; Emmeline wasn’t the first health professional I have gone to but she will 100% be my last as I wouldn’t ever go to anyone else after experiencing her wealth of knowledge and understanding with life changing results

Con , Adelaide, SA

For three years, I have had an English mastiff dog.

Whenever I patted her or got too close, my skin would start itching where I touched her and my nose would start running. This restricted me from being with her more often as I would always feel as though I had hayfever.

In addition, when she licked me, I would get a really itchy rash and welts on my skin.

After three appointments, I no longer notice any allergic reactions to my dog, and I can play as much ball with her as I like. I feel a lot better now thanks to this treatment, and I no longer feel as though I constantly have hayfever. Bio-resonance has helped my health a lot

Charlotte, Burnside, SA

I have been a smoker for over 20 years, giving up was not on my agenda, however having to undergo minor surgery recently, Emmeline and I discussed the Quit Smoking Bioresonance treatment, so I decided this would be a good time to give up smoking as it would benefit my healing time and the risks involved when having surgery.

I was sceptical about the treatment, I hadn’t mentally prepared myself, I also didn’t set any expectations for myself as wasn’t sure if it would work.

After my 1st session, I still had the desire, but I did not want to pick up and light up a cigarette. My partner is a smoker, this made it a little more challenging for me, however I did not and still have not picked up a cigarette, it has now been over a month.

If you are thinking about giving up smoking, give Bioresonnance a try, it’s very easy and non-invasive. I do feel better and my energy levels are improving more and more every day

Sara, Burnside SA

I am a 46 year old male. I have been suffering from Chronic Seasonal Hayfever for over 20 years. During the Spring -Summer months I usually need to use a low dose steroid nasal spray daily to prevent and control the distressing symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and tiredness. I went and saw Emmeline at Renewed Health Clinic as I was looking for other alternative ways to treat my Hayfever without medication.

I found her from a very comprehensive pamphlet I picked up from my dog groomer who told me that many of her clients saw her for different allergies relating to their pets and she had helped them immensely. I visited her very informative and comprehensive website describing the benefits of Bioresonace Therapy so I thought I would give her a try.

After 3 to 4 sessions (which I attended at the beginning of last Spring) apart from the odd sniffle during that Spring-Summer season, there was significant improvement in all of my symptoms. Best of all, I no longer needed to use the nasal spray at all! I am ever so appreciative to Emmeline as some days the Hayfever was extremely debilitating affecting both my work and home life. I would thoroughly recommend her for treatment of this very common and sometimes debilitative condition

Thomas, Grange SA

When my Kinesiologist referred me to Emmeline at Renewed Health Clinic, I had never heard of Bioresonance Therapy and had no understanding of how it worked or what the outcome would be. I was in immense pain on a daily basis and had been for two years.

I was tired and willing to give anything a go. My diagnosis was Ankylosing Spondylitis and I was told that I would need to take heavy doses of anti-inflammatory drugs, potentially an assortment of other drugs to manage the pain and that the condition would progress as I got older, possibly resulting in a complete fusing of my spine.

There is no cure – only ways to manage the pain, they said. I was not going to accept this as my life. I have been on a journey of natural health since that day and have not looked back. I receive support from a Naturopath, a Kinesiologist, a Remedial Massage therapist and Emmeline at Renewed Health Clinic.

Since starting therapy with Emmeline, my pain has completely disappeared. It happened within 2-3 sessions and I was in total disbelief. I have continued seeing Emmeline regularly due to the incredible outcomes for my overall health and can’t thank her enough for giving me back my health, my happiness and my life. Thank you Emmeline

Lisa, Adelaide, SA

My 7 year old daughter had what I thought to be a skin tag on her left eye ever since she was a young baby, however, in the last few years, we noticed it changing in shape and colour and looking more unsightly. She was becoming self conscious about it so I decided to ask the GP to take a look at it who referred me to a dermatologist to help determine whether it was a skin tag or a wart.

It took 3 months to get in to see the specialist and she was reluctant to do anything about it given the close proximity to the eye as well as her young age and also confirmed that it was indeed a wart.

After this disappointing result, I decided to ask Emmeline at my daughter’s next Bicom session if she could do anything for it. She promptly tested her and found her to have the human papilloma virus and then ran a program on her whereby she held a special apparatus to her eyelid for a few minutes. I was astounded to see it start to decrease significantly in size within a week. At her next appointment 2 weeks later, the wart was still there but remarkably smaller so Emmeline ran another program on her and made her some special oral drops to take home. Within another 2 weeks, the wart was almost gone and actually very difficult to see. If only I had realised it was a wart years ago, I could have organised the Bicom treatment earlier for her.

Bicom therapy has helped me and my chidren in many ways over the years but this was the stand out and most visually obvious treatment to date. Emmeline is very switched on about the body and is always eager to find solutions to any health issue I ask her about. I am very grateful for the fact that I have access to this wonderful therapy and although often the treatment takes longer to work than the 4 weeks as described above, I wouldn’t be without it

Ava, Goodwood SA

I have been dealing with a long standing health crisis and I have visited many different health professionals from various healing modalities but since I met Emmeline, she is so amazing I don’t believe I could ever find another practitioner as good as her, and I believe it would be foolish to even try. Her knowledge, understanding and intuition when dealing with the human body is far beyond any reasonable naturopath or medical doctor I have ever encountered. She is very switched on and always gives 100% to her clients.

She is always professional and her bedside manner is fabulous, it is always an uplifting and nurturing experience and I always look forward to my appoinments. She is absolutely a blessing for anyone dealing with any health concerns or illness and I will happily recommend her to anyone

Mike, Beulah Park SA

During a holiday trip to Darwin in May this year, I was bitten by many Mosquitos, especially on my hands. I was worried about contracting mosquito borne viruses. I started thinking of having bicom treatment. I have previously had some sessions with another practitioner.

Within 1 month of returning to Adelaide, I had developed symptoms of lethargy, feeling flat, foggy headed, and not feeling like myself. I had severe pain in my knees, with fluid build up, to the point of having trouble standing up from a squat. My pain rating on a scale of 1 to 10 , was very high at 9 out of 10 . I was recommended to see Emmeline .

I started seeing her in June with the hope that she could help me. During the first session, she identified and treated the mosquito viruses that were affecting my body.

After the second treatment which involved treating the mosquito viruses further, I found my pain levels had subsided significantly to a 3 out of 10 by the following morning. My energy levels had improved, as well as my mood. My foggy headedness had also lifted.

During my 3rd session a week later, I had come in with the Flu. I had symptoms of runny nose, blocked sinuses, lethargy, feeling achy and head congestion. Emmeline was able to work out which programs I needed to alleviate my symptoms. By the next day, my symptoms had improved dramatically. I woke up in the morning feeling fine.

I saw Emmeline for the 4th session one week later. My knees had movement back, I felt there was major improvement. I was able to go back to exercising without aggravating my knees.

Overall, I have been very happy with the results. I have found Emmeline to be very approachable, and feel very much at ease discussing my health issues with her. Her approach is very efficient, and I feel that I receive effective and thorough treatment in the time frame.

I would definitely recommend Emmeline to anyone who is serious about their health and well- being

Steven, SA

* Names have been changed for privacy