Holistic Treatment at Renewed Health Clinic


Holistic treatment at our clinic has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, meridians are pathways which connect acupuncture points. These pathways have Qi or energy which flow throughout the body.  These meridians can become blocked by injuries or anything which disrupts this pathway of energy. The results may be a disruption in the communication between our cells and even our organs.

Throughout our life we are exposed to different stresses. In the 21st century, electromagnetic radiation from Wifi, mobile phones, phone towers, computers and even high altitude travel can upset our body’s fine balance.

Our holistic treatment approach is to look at the underlying causes that upset our body. I take into the account the symptoms that my client presents with and look at the many possible causes.

My treatment helps to restore the communication between the cells, allowing the body to work more efficiently, and often symptoms will subside. The body is capable of working optimally once again.  My treatment is customised to each individual, as each person is unique. I have helped many hundreds of clients in the last 6 years with life changing results.

My clients often tell me :

“I feel more energetic and less tired.”

“My pain has reduced significantly.”

“My tummy pains and bloating have reduced.”

“My food sensitivities have dramatically improved.”

“I have more clarity and I cope better with stress.”


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“Emmeline is an amazing individual – passionate and super intelligent.

She knows exactly what she is doing and gets results.

An appointment with Emmeline is an investment into your wellbeing.”

Jenny, Adelaide