Jasper first came to see me at 6 months. His skin particularly on his face, arms and legs was inflamed. My aim was to identify the cause of his inflammation. The stressors of his inflammation were identified and after a few sessions, the inflammation settled down and his skin has since been clear. His mother was very pleased with the results.


John is a bright 7 year old boy who suffered badly with allergic symptoms to the environment.

At times he would not be able to go to school, as his allergies were so severe, particularly in Spring time. He would wake up with swollen, itchy eyes and and a blocked nose. His symptoms were worse after playing with his cat. He also suffered from mouth ulcers.

His mother brought him to see me, wondering if Bioresonance therapy might help. I identified various food and environmental allergens, and treated the corresponding stresses on his body. I also advised him on which foods to avoid during his treatment.

After the second session, his mother mentioned that he was feeling better, and he no longer had mouth ulcers.

By the end of four treatments, his allergic symptoms had reduced significantly, and he no longer woke up with swollen,itchy eyes.

John felt better and was able to go to school happily without any allergic symptoms. His mother was impressed with the success in his treatment and very grateful.

Daniel is vibrant 23 year old , and had recently travelled overseas . Since his return a month ago, he had felt uncomfortable and experienced bloating in his lower abdomen. He would sometimes experience diarrhoea and would feel lethargy at times.

I was able to identify the stresses on his body, and treat them accordingly whilst supporting his body’s system.

He reported that he felt much better after one session. I saw him again to treat and stabilise his body, stimulating his body’s natural ability to self-heal and regulate. Daniel was very happy with the result.

Catherine came to see me 9 months after the birth of her child. She was concerned that her hair was thinning, and noticed hair loss in the shower. My treatment included hormone balance program with Bioresonance, and restoring her nutrient metabolism as well as treating various strains, including food intolerances.

I saw Catherine for 5 sessions at fortnightly intervals. Three months later, she is delighted that her hair has new growth, and her hairdresser has noticed this as well. Her hair is healthy, shiny and fuller, and she is pleased to say that she has very little hair loss in the shower. She also feels that she has increased energy to keep up with her child

Maria is a lovely 74 year old lady. She came to see me April, last year with many symptoms. She felt tired almost all the time, found it difficult to walk , had very sore legs, significant intestinal discomfort , rashes on her back , sleep issues and had lost hope. At times she would not be able to walk as her pain was severe. She had these symptoms for 5 years and they were getting progressively worse.

I explained to her that it would take several treatments to improve her condition. I did not know how many at that stage, as Bioresonance therapy works by promoting the body’s natural ability to self-heal, and this is something that will vary between people as it is so individual.

She came to me for regular treatments over 9 months, every week to start off with then fortnightly. With the earlier treatments , she felt tired the next day, which is actually a sign her body is taking in the treatment and self- regulatory changes are happening in her body.

I was able to identify various stresses that had affected her , which included food and environmental allergens, chemical and heavy-metal stresses and treated them whilst also supporting her body with constitutional programs which would strengthen and balance her.

She noticed some improvement after the third appointment and felt her legs had a little more strength. She would come regularly and felt that this was what she needed to get better.

I have seen her improve gradually over the 9 months, and now she is able to walk pain free. She no longer has back rashes which were extremely uncomfortable. Previously, she would only sleep for a couple of hours a night. Her sleep has now very much improved and is able to return to sleep if she wakes.

Her intestinal discomfort has reduced and overall she feels so much better.

In total, she has had sixteen treatments. Her perseverance has been inspiring. She has regained her spark, and seeing her well again has given both her and myself much joy.

* Names have been changed for privacy