‘My passion is to help you renew your
health, hope and happiness.’



Here at Renewed Health Clinic, our aim is to help our clients restore their optimum health, energy and well-being using sophisticated technology – Bioresonance – via the Bicom machine. We do this by identifying the causes of your body’s symptoms and eliminating the stressors so that your body’s natural ability to self heal is promoted, assisting health renewal.

Emmeline established Renewed Health Clinic in Norwood, Adelaide. She is passionate and dedicated in helping people renew their health and therefore happiness and balance in life.

She graduated from Adelaide University in Dentistry and principled an excellent and caring dental practice for ten years with the focus on providing holistic treatment.

Emmeline trained in Bioresonance Therapy in Queensland. On a personal level, she has helped her two children with pain and stress reduction, food intolerances and seasonal allergies.

BioresonanceTherapy is relaxing and gentle way to treat babies, children and adults with rewarding results.